Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Communists of India - Gangrene That Needs Amputation by Force

"How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin."
- Ronald Reagan

How to combat Communist Terrorism insidiously creeping from within 

Communism (noun)
a theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state.
(often initial capital lettera system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.
How noble the definition sounds. Wished it were true...even remotely! 

Actually the word communism is a red-herring to combine autocracy, dictatorship and totalitarianism in one go and present it with polished saran-wrapped sophisticated word. 

Let's take a look at (in)famous Communist figures: 

The lone Indian face to come out these past years is  - Jyoti Basu 

. Congress government played important part in laying the communism weed in India. I shall cover it in next few suggestions to combat communism: 

Suggestion 1: Close down JNU's arts department, if possible, entire JNU. 

"Ohh, then we should have right to shoot anyone we like, eh?"
Even if we leave Bengal out of context, Communists in India, found the most reprehensible and deplorable form of politics played out in India under the usual sophisticated disguise - appeasement. 

Going much on the lines of their political forefathers - Congress - they got hold of the minority appeasement and started an agitation that allegedly fought to get the minorities their basic rights. 

Yup you read it correct - Minority community their basic rights. But which minority community and which rights? 

In India there are 6 minority communities but these leeches knew there is only Muslim community that votes en-blocke when it comes to elections and hence, (screw rest of the 5 communities, let's play pamper-me-most with Muslims) they chose Muslim community after much 'deliberation' and then started the most dirtiest political game where they just stooped low and low to most unprecedented levels. 

During Godhra riots, Communists party sat like nothing happened, when 56 karsevaks were burned alive. They claimed that fire was caused by short-circuit and door locks accidentally fell in place!!! 

However, in the following repercussion where close to 800 Muslims were killed, CPI(ML) personally supervised construction of relief camps, singling out the Muslims from the crowd and leaving Hindus behind, in joint coalition with Congress. 

Exactly similar thing happened during the Muzaffarnagar riots of 2013, CPI(ML) once again led the relief camps and colony construction strictly for Muslims (this was never covered under news, since Communists aren't big deal these days), however, the same traitors sat quiet during the Saharanpur Sikh riots and 2012 Assam riots. 

JNU is the mecca of these imbecile dorks that dishes out close to 1000 worthless 'intellectuals and scholars' (hilarious!) each year into the system, that know nothing more than few Marxist ideologies which even they don't themselves understand properly. 

Screw the legacy and emotional bullshit related to historical Jawaharlal Nehru University. JNU's core values (excuse me, were there any?) have been hijacked and replaced by Leninism, that advocates rebellion in everything, even if they don't get to take a dump in the morning. A bright student turns out to be a rebel by the time he ends his degree with poor marks and spreads out his squalid narrow minded mentality in entire system. 

Examples: Bipin Chandra, marxist historian who crapped on the India's actual history and replaced it with his own set of Brits-licking facts, distorting the historical figures, occurrences which placed the turds such as Aurangzeb, Abdali, Ghajnavi into the legend leagues and all we know about Ashoka was that he was the one who gave up from the field and spread Buddhism. Talks about Ghajnavi, we have even a propaganda story ready that says that Ghajnavi was a warrior that failed 17 times before conquering India, upon seeing an ant trying and failing to go up a well and finally succeeding. Can you believe that? We were taught to hate out own aboriginal hero figures and rather we were asked to look at the invaders who massacred in millions, in high regards. 

UR Ananthmurthy, the noted litter-arian who infamously said that he will leave India if Modi becomes PM, once claimed that he peed on a statue in a temple and nothing happened to him. Funny and ironical, he died because of renal failure, because pipes in his body refused to even carry his own piss out. And he wanted his rites to be performed fully according to Vedic culture. 

This is what communism does. Distorting the facts, since they are bankrupt in terms of any new ideas, they despise modernization, trade-unionism is their signature of functioning and stalling anything pro-development is how their low grade shops run. 

Did I say brainwashed? An average communist's IQ is no more than that of a Jihadi ready to blow himself up in a market full of virgins, so that he may get virgins in an imaginary place like his Allah told him. You being a communist can't go against your party's wishes. If you did, just interpret and understand the following:

Hitler: Jews :: Your Communist Party: Rebelling You

Suggestion 2Ban anything related to communism. Resume Salwa-Judum operation in all the naxalite and regions where communist effect is worth noticing. Attack is the best defence. 

Reason: Communism is why Bengal, the culturally and financially rich erstwhile trade hub of entire Asia, is now in shackles, begging investors to atleast consider setting up even a small 6x6 shop. Communists leeched out Bengal to the extent that once rich land owners ended up eating rat food and even snakes and lizards, and death due to starvation figures were highest in entire South East Asia in early nineties. 
Famine stricken family of Bengal

Salwa Judum was an excellent initiative by Chattisgarh BJP government, that turned an average villager into an avenger, dealing strictly with the naxali elements in and around his area. Results were spectacular, naxali activities were on an all time low till the, high on dope, Supreme Court termed it as human rights violation and asked the government to clip it in 2011. Funny, they never said a thing about Kashmiri Pandits or those who died in Godhra incident and aftermath. Nor do they have any workaround solution to combat Naxali situation. I am scared for the day they will term Army presence in volatile Assam, Kashmir as anti-national and will order army to retreat. 

See, this is what Communist (Marxist-Leninism) does to judiciary, resources. 

Suggestion 3: Keep the extremist communists in the same league as the the terrorists and spare no effort to capture such elements 

A shocking and yet a true fact. The places infested with communists are places where development and growth have become non-existent. 

A communist apologist will cite example of Kerala, Tripura claiming how potential these places are. 

Kerala is a stunning example of high HDR (Human Development Ration) with medium to low per capita income according to UN. So where's the shortcome? 

Example: Again, trade unionism in Kerala is at such high levels, that without the nod of local laborer groups, nothing can be done. Imagine following scenario : 

You bought a, say, 20KG washing machine in Trivandrum. Great! Dealer delivered it to your doorstep. Now what if you need to lift it up all the way to 2nd floor? 

Normally, we will ally with our relatives or friends to get the work done, right? 

Wait, like I said it's Kerala - labour groups run the terror camps here. You can't do the work on your own, it is denying the labours the right of doing their duty according to communist agenda set by preceding government. 

You HAVE to pay them the stipulated rate for doing the labour (even if you don't ask for it)
You can't say no, if you say so, entire labour community will boycott you and your future needs that may require their help. 

You can't openly disclose your affection for your religion, unless you happened to be oppressed minority. Cars, Buses can't have the Vedic 'Om' or any other symbol stuck to their vehicles but 786 is just a number there. 

How to win over a Communist easily? 

Simply ask them about their economic, progressive and their future agenda if they, god forbid, come to power. 
Chances half of the communists will term you saffron right-wing extremists for asking such a question are 70%
Rest of them will answer only one thing - we can achieve financial independence by keeping communal forces at bay. 

Try digging them more, about how progressive, liberalism you expect to lend to the economy. They will either leave the debate or will bend the debate towards how bad RSS is as influence to Indian society. 


In short, they have nothing to do with any country, let alone India, as long as their personal propaganda keeps getting fulfilled and their autocratic thirst keeps getting drenched, they need nothing more and nothing less. 

Time is high and mighty right to give these communist rats the dose of their own medicines, which they have given the millions of innocents over the past century and rationality demands a complete wipeout or social boycott of such elements. 

Next I shall cover how Communists try to win over the gullible Muslims by spreading false and negative propaganda and defaming the Hindu culture. 

Jai Hind. Jai Bharat. 

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Arvind Kejriwal - The Man-who-Pause

Will you hand over the post of Vice President of a multinational company to a software trainee when there is already a credible and preferred VP candidate?

Or will you believe a fresher with excellent academic credentials, who accuses the Chairman of the company, the man who has single handedly run the company for last few years, to fuel his vice-presidentship chances in no time?

Let’s do a retrospection of theatrics of Kejriwal and his blind AAP cronies carried out, thus outdoing both Rakhi Sawant and thrashing Digvijay Singh out of the ground forever. 

“I didn’t ran away” “@echo by AAPtards – Yes, he didn’t ran away”

Yes you did. Following democratic procedures is a bit too much for your immature, maoist and childish aspirations of becoming the PM of the country. You knew if you don’t live upto your hype in few days, you will be routed forever (which is imminent anyways). Fearing which, you passed the buck on to Governor and Congress/BJP, again played a grief-stricken drama of no help from opposition and left the seat in a jiffy to fulfil the futile aim of Congress’s reign again with your doglike loyalty.

You had a brilliant chance there to prove yourself! Corporation employees were actually scared of you and you just ruined it by large. Even you begged for vote during assembly elections by saying Modi as PM, Kejriwal as CM. 

Pathetic timing Mr. Kejriwal!

“Modi recommended Gas price hike”

GPSC is as autonomous as rest of the oil companies are. They take their decisions first, convey the same to the centre later. IOCL, HPCL, BPCL are few such companies which have already recommended gas hike. GPSC doesn’t have its rein in Gujarat government’s hand. There is no way Modi can intervene in such gas hike recommendation. Another of your footage mongering episode that is down the drain.

Reliance/Adani and Modi are same thing

Indeed. Reliance/Adani did a bad thing by setting up in India. They should’ve left India long back and should’ve provided employment to peoples in either China or Korea or wherever but in India. Modi is a pro-business minded person, which is the need of the hour. Our economy is staring at its worst defeat in future, unless countermeasures are taken. 4.8%? Forget positive, we might even head towards negative growth provided if drastic changes aren’t brought in. And what is this CIA-Ford funded chap upto - Remove Indian companies from oil exploration operations in India and get it outsourced to foreign (guess which country!) corporates and gulp in a major share. Well played Kejriwal, you take the cake for most loyal servants in world. And for the price of exploration hiking from $8 to $14, that's a matter of contemplation, your quickfire intellectualism wouldn't do wonders here, since ours is a deep water block, almost unlike the case elsewhere, the cost of finding gas isn't as cheap as you thought your CNG powered Wagon-R would cost. 

“Modi is responsible for Gujarat riots 2002”

Oh well, for the love of god, if he is, then you are responsible for amplified pro-Maoism/Communism movement, increase in pro-separatist sentiments, wider gaps between communities by vitiating the atmospheres by tagging a party communal while clean-chitting yourself as pious than god, talking good about a convicted terrorist Bhullar, just to gain sympathy votes – you disgust me more than puking!

Don’t forget Godhra which led to Gujarat riots. If former hadn’t happened, there was never a need for latter. Riots always lead to loss of life and property, state governance played a key role in restraining it in 2002, or else the picture would’ve been far more horrific. 
Need any guesses to know who led the Godhra massacre? Your godfather Congressi pigs! 

And how many times did same was repeated in last 12 years, you dunderhead!
I had high hopes from you but thankfully, well within in time, I realized that politics is a gutter which can convert even the so called honest of like you, into a crooked and retarded mentality forever.

And how about an AAP ticket to those involved in Anti National activities? 

Kamal Mitra Chenoy - the communist who openly talks bad about the nation and hails Osama and his deeds, defends the terrorists actions in Kashmir? 
Shazia Ilmi - the communal violence bill crusader or the CHANDA IN CASH lady?
Yogendra Yadav - the bumbling pothead who renames himself every time he goes into different territory, much to his father's distress?
Don't even name Medha Patkar, her hometown is suffering from same problem for which she sat for a dharna in Gujarat's Narmada andolan. But all she cared about was footage she was getting in Gujarat than the actual tense work she might have had to perform do in her hometown. 
Who else? 
Jarnail Singh? Why? He hurled a shoe at Chidambaram? 

Dear fellow Indians

Be rational.

Be logical.

Think deeply before wasting your vote on someone who doesn’t have enough experience, credibility and but who believes in playing the petty politics of appeasement, pro-separatists sentiment and is a test tube baby of a party that has taken India from “a force to reckon” to a “crippled economy” and thinks he can have his cake and eat it as well.

I am not claiming Modi as an overseer who can bring in a magic wand, lo and behold…

He should be put to litmus test of governing a wild horse, which India’s economy and current political outlooks has turned into and see if he’s worth his salt. Going by his past records amongst the present candidates, he is certainly the most eligible one, if not the perfect, to have this opportunity of pulling India out of the mess.

I hope you and me are congruent on our thoughts! If not, drop me the comment bomb and see if I could do a dharna against you and your BJP/RSS relationships...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Being Animal....

Why is that, we tend to compare an unsocial and uncivilized human behaviour akin to the wild animal?

Salman Khan may have popularized 'Being Human' catchphrase and he may be laughing all the way to bank by the fat royalties his cool T-shirt overnight sensation have earned him.  Still, I don't expect him to be rational with his words, since I know what's he is upto, thanks to his recent 100-crore hit!

But why do we think animals as the quintessence vigorous and volatile manners when one can find similar, or at times, even higher degree of furious and vicious temperament behaviours, that even wildest of animals don’t exhibit, in humans, then why do we need to refer to poor animals for every unmanly deed we see?

In my perception, animals are far more developed and advanced than we could ever be. How?

A vixen (female jackal), never ever teaches her newborn how to survive, for the record most of the hunting carnivore species in the animal kingdom do the same to their cute newborns. It’s like natural instinct to these infants that enables them to manage, adapt and survive in most fearsome of the environments full of foes and predators waiting for the right moment to drop by.

A calf (baby elephant) never gets to learn the excellent sensory nerves of her mother by help of which she can sense impending danger miles away.

Anaconda forgets right after giving birth to their children and they too wander off in the wilderness even without getting to know who brought them into this world! Can a normal human imagine being on the receiving end of such a start?

The hunting instincts of cheetah, the fearsome authoritativeness of lion and intimidating presence of a tigress, these are all derived…naturally! Although many wildlife shows airing on Discovery/Nat Geo do tells us that a leopard teaching her cub the art of hunting, however in reality, she’s just laying down the premises of what we call real life training that too at nascent age of 1-2 years.

The intelligence level of an average chimpanzee is same throughout the hierarchy of his descendants or his antecedents. No one is less or more intelligent, all are equal, as a result you might have never heard about animal suicides.

There are no caste/creed based feuds in between them.

Humans got themselves weapons of all kind for their protection but these animals have their instincts as their prime shield.


Just because we can invent things (animals can as well) and are living in a world where we are the deciders what next shall occur and who shall have the authoritative command, doesn’t means we are superior in any form to animalistic kingdom.

Being human is so passé..., my next T-Shirt phrase…BEING ANIMAL!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Rains and me...

Dear Rain Gods,

As a child I used to wait for you for taking my paper boat into some unknown territories even if it was destined for cesspool, I always hoped for a deserted island in middle of an ocean, silly! 

As a tween, I hoped for you to come and embellish my school-off time because there was no way otherwise we could play in rains, be it cricket or football.

By the time I turned a Teen, my comprehension regarding you started getting wider and more logic oriented, compared to random and abrupt in childhood. I started avoiding getting out in rains until unless required.

I passed out of school, saw my dreams related to you were merely lustful ruminations of my own silly mind. Traffic snarls, road blocks, older homes getting ravaged, your literal definition started becoming clear to me, yet I was in awe for you.

Then the time came that without rain suits, I went office literally drenched with more water than in Vasant Kunj's pipelines multiple times. I started avoiding you a lot more, infact I started ignoring you and praying that may get your timing get well. 

3 days ago, you ruined my 25K+ phone (adjusted for inflation from 2009 :p) and today you didn't let me go to office...and wasted huge chunk of my monthly take home salary.

And now when I have bought a 800/- rain suit, I know you are done with your quota for this year, thanks to Murphy’s law.
So what was the culprit? Timing!

Wrong place at wrong times is the first faltering step of any crumbling relationship which anyone should forsee to avoid dejection in the end.

Thank you for giving me first hand definition of how relationships start, go on bumpy rides, finally one of the either stumbles off and ultimately they end.

You and me can still go together because like me you don't nag, complain or crib.
Typical God....

Thursday, 21 June 2012

To all forum administrators

Seems that smart and intelligent administrators of various online forums are losing their share of grey cells pretty fast and because of them normal users are suffering. Following is the lists of suggestions as I gathered in one place after talking to many banned or 'about to be banned' members.....

  • Just that your forum started earning you few bucks and now you can proudly tell your friends who have been well settled 5-6 years before you, much to your parent's disappointment, that you finally started earning something, doesn't means that you're going to be next Mark Zuckerberg and respect will come naturally flying to you or you just acquired  5% share of whole Internet and by no means it grants you any right to be prejudiced. Humility is the key..
  • Just that somebody spits in your face for the deed where you stand wrong, you have no right to bark back at them and have to accept your folly rather than banning every person that nitpicks your shortcomes. However if you still do this, there's a word specifically made for people like you - douchebag! 
  • Just that you administer a forum, doesn't makes you unique and snazzier considering there are thousands and literally ten thousands of different forums present across the internet and their content being another thousand times better than yours. 
  • Just because you sit at your saggy asses at home or go to offices (ultimately performing almost zilch amount of work, cause you also have to administer your forum thus beating the shit out of the overall productivity and making your organization cripple!) doesn't gives you any morale right to be respected because people think you're a good time manager.People will only respect you when you're or your team is nice to them or when they know you through your forum, otherwise why will they even pay flying rats to who you are and what you do, they hardly know you?
  • Just because you love a brand and can go gaga all over it over the internet, your favourite brand isn't going to pay you shit for your  quality ass-licking, its of no use fighting a brand war with someone who is as rare as a medallion holder in Indian government's cabinet! Infact at your own forum, you have to be selfless and honest without being a god damn fanboy (even if you love a brand more, you are supposed not to show your feelings and affinity towards it - Imagine a politician telling masses that he likes China instead of India..!) and getting irked everytime someone differs from your opinion and consequently adding the excuses onto the list, "why I should ban him". 
  • Just because you've continued running a website since long, doesn't necessarily guarantees a career in forum administration thorugh which your children or your generations can be fed well. Imagine your children telling their friends, my father sits at home and does nothing still our school fees gets deposited well on time! Find a respected job somewhere and assign the administering task to moderators, no need to sit at home on the premise of 'forum needs me'. In the virtual world, no one needs you they can very well do without you! 
  • Just because you happen to be the administrator of a forum which is of elephantine proportions, don't expect each of your threads, comments to garner 'oh-so-awesome' responses. I have seen many narrow minded administrators who have banned members just because they didn't like his 'photography attempts which were as flat as witche's tits and pretentious to say the least' and said it on his face. 
  • Because you are an adminstrator and have assigned few mods who are free like a bumble bee without any tab on their wordings and language they use on the pretext of "you can't match my sheer awesomeness", tell them to be in limits or else drop the hammer on them. Being mods doesn't necessarily gives the right to get the prejudice favoured of someone just because a mod is backing him. 

These tips might come in handy for a forum administrator who has just realized that he can spent 2% more as told by adwords representatives, "Shit fella your earning just went up by 2%!!" or if this post irks few of the adminstrators reading it, I invite them with their ideas written on a paper because it would be easier for me to tell them where to stick their valuable insights!  

PS: Where is your sense of humour? 

PPS: Why am I even writing this? 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bye Bye Bhen Ji...You Sucked hard though!

Mayawati, may you rot in hell.
Your statues may be piss stations for urchins
Your parks may bear the wrath have right mental morality of SP who ought to develop hospitals in places of some ugly looking politicians.
Your wealth, amassed in uncalled for ways, for the misdeed you’ve done to UP, you may be prosecuted in all ways possible accusation ranging from NRHM to 4000% growth in your wealth since last elections.
May at last Tihar jail’s cell, closest in proximity to toilet where Kanimozhi & Raja together used to answer some calls, be occupied by you.
You did nothing but to build fancy looking but shallow colonies in the name of some unheard Dalit Neta and Kanshiram but guess what Dalits still hate you as much as I do when I see you smile with that ugliest chin ever…
I have no expectation from Mulayam either, but I am happy that you departed afterall witnessing an unmarried woman amongst so many cunning mens surely makes a moralistic person like me to doubt, how many of them have seen the artistics painting in the ceiling of your bedroom.

I guess Satish Chandra Mishra, would translate this blog for you or you can hire a English to Hindi translator for around Rs. 90000/month(for persons who took education from an education board whose director was recently arrested on account of corruption charges!!!!).

You suck! Badly, many confirmed it…

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Facebook/Google Ban in India - An Open Letter

Honorable Supreme Court of India,

With all due respect to the law house of Indian Democracy and with utmost respect I wish to bring to your kind notice about a blown out of proportion felony going on currently.

Hon’able Delhi high court has recently implicated legal proceedings on Facebook and Google on account of objectionable contents on India, its religions and above all its politicians and their mockery, which started all this furor.

My Lord, I want to ask few questions:

1.       In this high era of rickety temperament, lousy self-control, Aggressive OCDs, road-rages, aren’t we going too far with the statement of banning the social media networks. And for whom this movement has been started, because in past few hot shots politicians were mocked, spoofed on the internet just for the kicks, so that a few humor adrenaline shots could be imparted to folks out there, whose confidence level is at all-time low, thanks to the recession, paucity of jobs and worst their hard earned money flowing down the drain to corrupt politicians, whose fate, luck is on all-time high, as they are still unscathed. And our parliament comprises of 90% of politicians who are a touchy lot, their sense of humor is something unheard of, I wonder most of them even understand what sense of humor is called? And to make things obscure, they chose religions, and its gods, goddesses just to make sure that the trumpet blown is distantly heard and some radical communal groups have too jumped in just to make sure that these politicians don’t get mocked, no matter what happens to gods, they stay affected or not.  

I mean, is this democracy? Where few politicians decide what would be banned and what will stay no matter what the democracy’s views are, and law-houses support them indiscriminately? Why don’t they go and crush Khajuraho temples, known for their eroticism that too, is in a way what we call, objectionable.

Going this way one day, we will find ourselves with absolutely no television comedy acts, as they rigorously spoof politicians. Mockery of religious sentiments, gods, goddess is in certain way objectionable but there needs to be a strong cross checking on such contents. I don’t see these politicians making such an issue when some designer in Australia imprints Goddess Lakshmi on their high-end footwears’ range? And if a mockery is performed in lighter node, can’t they learn to handle it with humorous valor rather than crying rivers for it or proxy-whining in the name of insult of Gods like their counter parts in US or other countries. We should not try to copy China by doing exactly what they’ve done. We can’t never be China neither we want to be China.

2.       Facebook, Google employ many people, almost equal to what our Honorable courts do. Not only that, they do it quite fair and square, in an open and transparent process. Not that I am saying in courts it’s a different story, but then apprehension is always there, thanks to the bureaucracy ruling the nation. Now coming to point, through the means of their social-networking sites, they tend to be the blooming platform for small time business makers who can’t afford high-profile advertisements and there have been numerous success stories on Facebook, Google, Twitter where a small time business owner changed the perception of the industry (Kent, Microtek, Flipkart many more!) without paying for fancy ads. 

Since now this thing has come to ban the platform, you are literally preparing the platform for mass suicides of many such professionals, who would be rendered useless on the account of lack of communication or won’t be able to pay to provide wider publicity to their profession.

The success stories, which till date have filled the columns of Sunday dailies uptil now, would come to a screeching halt and we will rather see, the very same columns filled with sob stories, of how a business got ruined, how industry was closed and ironically that would be read with much more keenness.

Would that satiate the concern of our touchy-lot politicians?

Would they still be happy? Like recently LG of Delhi miffed many MLAs by stripping them off their foreign tours saying that concepts for waste management are readily available on Google (I call it historic decision!), this thing caught our respective MLAs in eye, they created hue and cry just over this. I mean have you run out of causes, concerns. There are millions of hungry people dying out there without food, shelter, health facilities are all time worst, instances of death on stretcher are like regular to hospitals, me being a salary class can’t feed/help them, no matter however desperate I may be. It’s the government’s duty to ensure they get proper treatment and Honorable courts of India to regulate the norms and ensure that government does its’ part properly.

And what am I witnessing, Government as well the law makers hellbent on banning the potential platform that virtually provides bread-butter to many bourgeoisie families? Are our courts literally on the bench, have they run out of cases/concerns to look after?

My Lord, I am a Student who earns doing his part in contract/part-time jobs in Government/private organizations and freelancing through the social networks. These issues always catch me at the wrong place and by no means, through this my-fantasy, self-written letter, I want to question the integrity, veracity, rectitude and morality of the functioning of our Honorable courts which in past have given most of the historic decisions that made me a fan of law systems in India, abominate the respected parliament’s decisions and its carters.

By no means, I want to defame, offend or vilify the working of Parliament, its members, Government of India, its legislations, norms which are unparalleled and strongly planted a very strong base of functionaries.  

I have written this letter myself, not ill-advised, mulled by any political, organization, groups whatsoever. I am associated with Facebook & Google only as a social-networking and mail user and I am not their employee (I would’ve love to!).

And I plead pardon, in case the language gets harsh at times, despite my best efforts to keep it polite and to the point. My intentions aren’t to offend, mock or make fun of any Government systems mentioned in the letter whatsoever. Just that, I don’t know how to voice myself.