Sunday, 6 April 2014

Arvind Kejriwal - The Man-who-Pause

Will you hand over the post of Vice President of a multinational company to a software trainee when there is already a credible and preferred VP candidate?

Or will you believe a fresher with excellent academic credentials, who accuses the Chairman of the company, the man who has single handedly run the company for last few years, to fuel his vice-presidentship chances in no time?

Let’s do a retrospection of theatrics of Kejriwal and his blind AAP cronies carried out, thus outdoing both Rakhi Sawant and thrashing Digvijay Singh out of the ground forever. 

“I didn’t ran away” “@echo by AAPtards – Yes, he didn’t ran away”

Yes you did. Following democratic procedures is a bit too much for your immature, maoist and childish aspirations of becoming the PM of the country. You knew if you don’t live upto your hype in few days, you will be routed forever (which is imminent anyways). Fearing which, you passed the buck on to Governor and Congress/BJP, again played a grief-stricken drama of no help from opposition and left the seat in a jiffy to fulfil the futile aim of Congress’s reign again with your doglike loyalty.

You had a brilliant chance there to prove yourself! Corporation employees were actually scared of you and you just ruined it by large. Even you begged for vote during assembly elections by saying Modi as PM, Kejriwal as CM. 

Pathetic timing Mr. Kejriwal!

“Modi recommended Gas price hike”

GPSC is as autonomous as rest of the oil companies are. They take their decisions first, convey the same to the centre later. IOCL, HPCL, BPCL are few such companies which have already recommended gas hike. GPSC doesn’t have its rein in Gujarat government’s hand. There is no way Modi can intervene in such gas hike recommendation. Another of your footage mongering episode that is down the drain.

Reliance/Adani and Modi are same thing

Indeed. Reliance/Adani did a bad thing by setting up in India. They should’ve left India long back and should’ve provided employment to peoples in either China or Korea or wherever but in India. Modi is a pro-business minded person, which is the need of the hour. Our economy is staring at its worst defeat in future, unless countermeasures are taken. 4.8%? Forget positive, we might even head towards negative growth provided if drastic changes aren’t brought in. And what is this CIA-Ford funded chap upto - Remove Indian companies from oil exploration operations in India and get it outsourced to foreign (guess which country!) corporates and gulp in a major share. Well played Kejriwal, you take the cake for most loyal servants in world. And for the price of exploration hiking from $8 to $14, that's a matter of contemplation, your quickfire intellectualism wouldn't do wonders here, since ours is a deep water block, almost unlike the case elsewhere, the cost of finding gas isn't as cheap as you thought your CNG powered Wagon-R would cost. 

“Modi is responsible for Gujarat riots 2002”

Oh well, for the love of god, if he is, then you are responsible for amplified pro-Maoism/Communism movement, increase in pro-separatist sentiments, wider gaps between communities by vitiating the atmospheres by tagging a party communal while clean-chitting yourself as pious than god, talking good about a convicted terrorist Bhullar, just to gain sympathy votes – you disgust me more than puking!

Don’t forget Godhra which led to Gujarat riots. If former hadn’t happened, there was never a need for latter. Riots always lead to loss of life and property, state governance played a key role in restraining it in 2002, or else the picture would’ve been far more horrific. 
Need any guesses to know who led the Godhra massacre? Your godfather Congressi pigs! 

And how many times did same was repeated in last 12 years, you dunderhead!
I had high hopes from you but thankfully, well within in time, I realized that politics is a gutter which can convert even the so called honest of like you, into a crooked and retarded mentality forever.

And how about an AAP ticket to those involved in Anti National activities? 

Kamal Mitra Chenoy - the communist who openly talks bad about the nation and hails Osama and his deeds, defends the terrorists actions in Kashmir? 
Shazia Ilmi - the communal violence bill crusader or the CHANDA IN CASH lady?
Yogendra Yadav - the bumbling pothead who renames himself every time he goes into different territory, much to his father's distress?
Don't even name Medha Patkar, her hometown is suffering from same problem for which she sat for a dharna in Gujarat's Narmada andolan. But all she cared about was footage she was getting in Gujarat than the actual tense work she might have had to perform do in her hometown. 
Who else? 
Jarnail Singh? Why? He hurled a shoe at Chidambaram? 

Dear fellow Indians

Be rational.

Be logical.

Think deeply before wasting your vote on someone who doesn’t have enough experience, credibility and but who believes in playing the petty politics of appeasement, pro-separatists sentiment and is a test tube baby of a party that has taken India from “a force to reckon” to a “crippled economy” and thinks he can have his cake and eat it as well.

I am not claiming Modi as an overseer who can bring in a magic wand, lo and behold…

He should be put to litmus test of governing a wild horse, which India’s economy and current political outlooks has turned into and see if he’s worth his salt. Going by his past records amongst the present candidates, he is certainly the most eligible one, if not the perfect, to have this opportunity of pulling India out of the mess.

I hope you and me are congruent on our thoughts! If not, drop me the comment bomb and see if I could do a dharna against you and your BJP/RSS relationships...


  1. I was a big supporter of Kejriwal. But slowly he has strated showing his true color. He should have focused on Delhi job first and that would have improved his credibility. What he is doing? He is confused or he has some other intentions? He reminds me of "VP Singh" and Devi Lal (Yogendra Yadav). They are creating environment of confusion in India. They are misguiding Youths. And I highly believe they are some how playing in the hands of "CIA". Looks like their objective is not to stabilize India. Say no to Aam Aadmi Party.

    1. Not just him, even Lalu Yadav and Ramwilas Paswan, Mulayam Yadav were hailed as visionaries during the 1977 revolution and JP Singh's time. Where do they stand now???

      Kejriwal is just past of these three examples combined, albeit only with saving grace in form of good credentials and service background!

  2. Your counter on the -"“Modi recommended Gas price hike” is laughable. Please grow up and try to think before you post.

    1. Please dazzle me with your brilliance on this one, about how childish I have become in countering a farce with a fact, be sure not to baffle me with BS...just a request! Thx!