Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Bye Bye Bhen Ji...You Sucked hard though!

Mayawati, may you rot in hell.
Your statues may be piss stations for urchins
Your parks may bear the wrath have right mental morality of SP who ought to develop hospitals in places of some ugly looking politicians.
Your wealth, amassed in uncalled for ways, for the misdeed you’ve done to UP, you may be prosecuted in all ways possible accusation ranging from NRHM to 4000% growth in your wealth since last elections.
May at last Tihar jail’s cell, closest in proximity to toilet where Kanimozhi & Raja together used to answer some calls, be occupied by you.
You did nothing but to build fancy looking but shallow colonies in the name of some unheard Dalit Neta and Kanshiram but guess what Dalits still hate you as much as I do when I see you smile with that ugliest chin ever…
I have no expectation from Mulayam either, but I am happy that you departed afterall witnessing an unmarried woman amongst so many cunning mens surely makes a moralistic person like me to doubt, how many of them have seen the artistics painting in the ceiling of your bedroom.

I guess Satish Chandra Mishra, would translate this blog for you or you can hire a English to Hindi translator for around Rs. 90000/month(for persons who took education from an education board whose director was recently arrested on account of corruption charges!!!!).

You suck! Badly, many confirmed it…


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