Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Rains and me...

Dear Rain Gods,

As a child I used to wait for you for taking my paper boat into some unknown territories even if it was destined for cesspool, I always hoped for a deserted island in middle of an ocean, silly! 

As a tween, I hoped for you to come and embellish my school-off time because there was no way otherwise we could play in rains, be it cricket or football.

By the time I turned a Teen, my comprehension regarding you started getting wider and more logic oriented, compared to random and abrupt in childhood. I started avoiding getting out in rains until unless required.

I passed out of school, saw my dreams related to you were merely lustful ruminations of my own silly mind. Traffic snarls, road blocks, older homes getting ravaged, your literal definition started becoming clear to me, yet I was in awe for you.

Then the time came that without rain suits, I went office literally drenched with more water than in Vasant Kunj's pipelines multiple times. I started avoiding you a lot more, infact I started ignoring you and praying that may get your timing get well. 

3 days ago, you ruined my 25K+ phone (adjusted for inflation from 2009 :p) and today you didn't let me go to office...and wasted huge chunk of my monthly take home salary.

And now when I have bought a 800/- rain suit, I know you are done with your quota for this year, thanks to Murphy’s law.
So what was the culprit? Timing!

Wrong place at wrong times is the first faltering step of any crumbling relationship which anyone should forsee to avoid dejection in the end.

Thank you for giving me first hand definition of how relationships start, go on bumpy rides, finally one of the either stumbles off and ultimately they end.

You and me can still go together because like me you don't nag, complain or crib.
Typical God....

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