Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Being Animal....

Why is that, we tend to compare an unsocial and uncivilized human behaviour akin to the wild animal?

Salman Khan may have popularized 'Being Human' catchphrase and he may be laughing all the way to bank by the fat royalties his cool T-shirt overnight sensation have earned him.  Still, I don't expect him to be rational with his words, since I know what's he is upto, thanks to his recent 100-crore hit!

But why do we think animals as the quintessence vigorous and volatile manners when one can find similar, or at times, even higher degree of furious and vicious temperament behaviours, that even wildest of animals don’t exhibit, in humans, then why do we need to refer to poor animals for every unmanly deed we see?

In my perception, animals are far more developed and advanced than we could ever be. How?

A vixen (female jackal), never ever teaches her newborn how to survive, for the record most of the hunting carnivore species in the animal kingdom do the same to their cute newborns. It’s like natural instinct to these infants that enables them to manage, adapt and survive in most fearsome of the environments full of foes and predators waiting for the right moment to drop by.

A calf (baby elephant) never gets to learn the excellent sensory nerves of her mother by help of which she can sense impending danger miles away.

Anaconda forgets right after giving birth to their children and they too wander off in the wilderness even without getting to know who brought them into this world! Can a normal human imagine being on the receiving end of such a start?

The hunting instincts of cheetah, the fearsome authoritativeness of lion and intimidating presence of a tigress, these are all derived…naturally! Although many wildlife shows airing on Discovery/Nat Geo do tells us that a leopard teaching her cub the art of hunting, however in reality, she’s just laying down the premises of what we call real life training that too at nascent age of 1-2 years.

The intelligence level of an average chimpanzee is same throughout the hierarchy of his descendants or his antecedents. No one is less or more intelligent, all are equal, as a result you might have never heard about animal suicides.

There are no caste/creed based feuds in between them.

Humans got themselves weapons of all kind for their protection but these animals have their instincts as their prime shield.


Just because we can invent things (animals can as well) and are living in a world where we are the deciders what next shall occur and who shall have the authoritative command, doesn’t means we are superior in any form to animalistic kingdom.

Being human is so passé..., my next T-Shirt phrase…BEING ANIMAL!

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