Saturday, 14 January 2012

Facebook/Google Ban in India - An Open Letter

Honorable Supreme Court of India,

With all due respect to the law house of Indian Democracy and with utmost respect I wish to bring to your kind notice about a blown out of proportion felony going on currently.

Hon’able Delhi high court has recently implicated legal proceedings on Facebook and Google on account of objectionable contents on India, its religions and above all its politicians and their mockery, which started all this furor.

My Lord, I want to ask few questions:

1.       In this high era of rickety temperament, lousy self-control, Aggressive OCDs, road-rages, aren’t we going too far with the statement of banning the social media networks. And for whom this movement has been started, because in past few hot shots politicians were mocked, spoofed on the internet just for the kicks, so that a few humor adrenaline shots could be imparted to folks out there, whose confidence level is at all-time low, thanks to the recession, paucity of jobs and worst their hard earned money flowing down the drain to corrupt politicians, whose fate, luck is on all-time high, as they are still unscathed. And our parliament comprises of 90% of politicians who are a touchy lot, their sense of humor is something unheard of, I wonder most of them even understand what sense of humor is called? And to make things obscure, they chose religions, and its gods, goddesses just to make sure that the trumpet blown is distantly heard and some radical communal groups have too jumped in just to make sure that these politicians don’t get mocked, no matter what happens to gods, they stay affected or not.  

I mean, is this democracy? Where few politicians decide what would be banned and what will stay no matter what the democracy’s views are, and law-houses support them indiscriminately? Why don’t they go and crush Khajuraho temples, known for their eroticism that too, is in a way what we call, objectionable.

Going this way one day, we will find ourselves with absolutely no television comedy acts, as they rigorously spoof politicians. Mockery of religious sentiments, gods, goddess is in certain way objectionable but there needs to be a strong cross checking on such contents. I don’t see these politicians making such an issue when some designer in Australia imprints Goddess Lakshmi on their high-end footwears’ range? And if a mockery is performed in lighter node, can’t they learn to handle it with humorous valor rather than crying rivers for it or proxy-whining in the name of insult of Gods like their counter parts in US or other countries. We should not try to copy China by doing exactly what they’ve done. We can’t never be China neither we want to be China.

2.       Facebook, Google employ many people, almost equal to what our Honorable courts do. Not only that, they do it quite fair and square, in an open and transparent process. Not that I am saying in courts it’s a different story, but then apprehension is always there, thanks to the bureaucracy ruling the nation. Now coming to point, through the means of their social-networking sites, they tend to be the blooming platform for small time business makers who can’t afford high-profile advertisements and there have been numerous success stories on Facebook, Google, Twitter where a small time business owner changed the perception of the industry (Kent, Microtek, Flipkart many more!) without paying for fancy ads. 

Since now this thing has come to ban the platform, you are literally preparing the platform for mass suicides of many such professionals, who would be rendered useless on the account of lack of communication or won’t be able to pay to provide wider publicity to their profession.

The success stories, which till date have filled the columns of Sunday dailies uptil now, would come to a screeching halt and we will rather see, the very same columns filled with sob stories, of how a business got ruined, how industry was closed and ironically that would be read with much more keenness.

Would that satiate the concern of our touchy-lot politicians?

Would they still be happy? Like recently LG of Delhi miffed many MLAs by stripping them off their foreign tours saying that concepts for waste management are readily available on Google (I call it historic decision!), this thing caught our respective MLAs in eye, they created hue and cry just over this. I mean have you run out of causes, concerns. There are millions of hungry people dying out there without food, shelter, health facilities are all time worst, instances of death on stretcher are like regular to hospitals, me being a salary class can’t feed/help them, no matter however desperate I may be. It’s the government’s duty to ensure they get proper treatment and Honorable courts of India to regulate the norms and ensure that government does its’ part properly.

And what am I witnessing, Government as well the law makers hellbent on banning the potential platform that virtually provides bread-butter to many bourgeoisie families? Are our courts literally on the bench, have they run out of cases/concerns to look after?

My Lord, I am a Student who earns doing his part in contract/part-time jobs in Government/private organizations and freelancing through the social networks. These issues always catch me at the wrong place and by no means, through this my-fantasy, self-written letter, I want to question the integrity, veracity, rectitude and morality of the functioning of our Honorable courts which in past have given most of the historic decisions that made me a fan of law systems in India, abominate the respected parliament’s decisions and its carters.

By no means, I want to defame, offend or vilify the working of Parliament, its members, Government of India, its legislations, norms which are unparalleled and strongly planted a very strong base of functionaries.  

I have written this letter myself, not ill-advised, mulled by any political, organization, groups whatsoever. I am associated with Facebook & Google only as a social-networking and mail user and I am not their employee (I would’ve love to!).

And I plead pardon, in case the language gets harsh at times, despite my best efforts to keep it polite and to the point. My intentions aren’t to offend, mock or make fun of any Government systems mentioned in the letter whatsoever. Just that, I don’t know how to voice myself.

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